About the artist

Hello, thank you for exploring my website. I’m Ryan, a dedicated fine art artist who uses the captivating medium of oil paints on canvas to express emotions that resonate with others. It brings me immense joy to share my artistic journey with the world.

My love for visual arts blossomed during high school, and since then. Through experimentation with various mediums like pencil, clay, pastel, and oils, I’ve learned that there is an undeniable allure to oil painting that continually draws me in.

I earned my BA in fine arts and design but consider myself largely self-taught. Over the years I’ve cultivated a unique painting style, and recently, I’ve dedicated more time to refining my craft in oil painting. My goal is to evolve my artistic expression and to continue seeking opportunities to showcase my work in galleries, homes, and businesses.

Your presence here is truly appreciated. Feel free to reach out with any questions about my artwork, or if you’re interested in commissions or purchasing any of my pieces. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your exploration through my portfolio.

Commission a painting

A commissioned oil on canvas painting can be completed in about six weeks, depending on size and my commission schedule at the time of your order.

I work primarily using photographs for reference. I’m happy to take the photographs myself whenever possible, or I can create the portrait from reference photographs provided by the client.

I can create any size portrait you would like. Paintings start at $500 for an 11 x 14 inch canvas painting. Custom size canvases are available. Contact me for a size and price that best suits your needs.

A 50% deposit is required to begin a commission. All applicable sales tax and shipping charges are additional when required.

Custom framing

Every painting deserves a frame. I create custom frames for each painting I sell. Each client has the opportunity to work directly with me to choose a frame that aligns with their taste and the interior design of the room where they plan to hang their new addition.

I primarily make floater frames which make for a complementary frame for the gallery style stretched canvases that I paint on. These frames give off the illusion that the framed painting is “floating” within the frame helping to draw focus into the paint and the frame respectively.

Clients can choose from a variety of hard woods including oak, cherry, mahogany, and more. Finishes can range from a variety or stains or paints to suite the job.


Prints are a way to have a copy of the original on your wall. Prints are printed on archival Hahnemuhle German Etch watercolor paper accompanied by Crescent RagMat Museum archival 4-ply mat.